Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Trees are Letters

Something happened yesterday that made me jump for joy, as a homeschooling mom!  You know that thing that let's you say-This method works!  Here is mine.

My little artist L, was in the school room for about 30 minutes drawing intensely. She came and asked for a stapler to put her pages together. She, then, presented me with a booklet of her "Letrs" (letters)

The first page had a tree drawn and a big "L" beside it. Then she wrote out the word "chreey" (I found out later that was her phonic spelling of  "tree"- try it!)  The next page had a tree with 2 branches extending up, like antennae and a "Y" beside it, this continued on for "V" (all with Chreey beside it)  Then some pages with our cat, Olive drawn. One had her tail curved around in a "u" and "U" written beside it, "C" followed..
The last was Olive climbing steps with her hands out-stretched into a "K" and she wrote "Steps"

I smiled from ear to ear when I knew that she really internalized the letters..She told me she looked outside in the yard and these were the tree forms she saw (she showed me the V tree, 2 trees hooked at the bottom shaped in a V!)
I took a deep breath and let this success reach my soul.


  1. how wonderful!
    :} Missy

  2. So cool :) That's amazing all the connections she is making! You can definitely see she has really and truly internalised her letters! What an imaginative little artist as well! xx

  3. Hey momma! I left you something at my blog :D