Monday, April 19, 2010

Math Block- The 4 Processes

I have been secretly waiting for this fun math block since the fall!  I LOVE the stories of the gnomes and how they embody the temperaments and help explain the processes with the cute stories.

We have had a few gnomes around and my girls haven't really played with them much, so I wasn't sure how the gnome thing would go over.No worries! They are playing with them and the jewels right now. I finally made the 4 process gnomes (during my drive to Fla and back last week!) and they came out so cute (and easy) Here is a link to Ancient Hearth with instructions

I have several math books I am using to combine info and stories. Barbara Dewey's 1-3 grade math guide, Oak Meadow 1st grade syllabus, and Melisa Nielsen's (A Little Garden Flower) Math Book.
Here are the gnomes drawn on the blackboard with their sign above and how many "jewels" they brought to the king.

We drew in our main lesson books the four gnomes and added some manipulative jewels.
Tomorrow, more stories about each individual gnome and how they go about their jewel collecting!

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  1. Hey Donna! Your gnomes turned out great! And I love the colored gems you found to go with them :D What a lovely presentation and fun block! I love that we're doing it at the same time - woohoo! And thanks for the link ;D

    Did you go on your cruise? Do tell! Do tell!