Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Homeschool Perspective

One morning this week while taking our nature walk, I started thinking about homeschooling and the freedoms it brings.

This is an odd subject because most people see the opposite. My friends who send their children to school say the usual, "I don't know how you do it. You don't have anytime to do anything." Usually, I say, "Oh, I don't mind. I enjoy being with the girls, etc.."

This day, however, I looked at it from a new perspective. As we walked down our street, it was a picture perfect spring morning. Birds singing, squirrels chattering around, daffodils and cherry blossoms blooming. I thought how lovely it is to take our time and not be rushed in the mornings with a "hurry up out the door" schedule. We can take an hour walk if we want. We can go to the local Botanical Gardens for a "field trip". There are so many options and opportunities as homeschoolers!

Spring is such a wondrous time to explore life! I used to stare out the window of my classroom, wishing I could be out there instead of behind a hard desk or worksheets.. The school bus for elementary schooled children comes to our corner at 6:50am.. hmmm.. I am still snuggling in the covers dreaming of beautiful spring mornings at that time...


  1. How true, true! I've gotten similar reactions when our various friends found out that we were homeschooling. The comment I got most often (in a joking manner) was, "How do you do it? I couldn't stand to be around my kids all day..." Then there'd be a nervous chuckle and the subject would be changed promptly. Homeschooling surely does not work for everyone, but it does sure work wonderfully for many of us :D

    p.s. it's always funny from the kids perspective as I am always hearing my young nephews and nieces commenting that they wish they could move close to us and then I could homeschool them, as well - lol! And of course the girls have no idea how lucky they are, only being on one side of the fence! Very nice post - I could feel the peace (and enjoy the snuggles in the wee hours, as well!!!)

  2. this topic is very close to my heart and so very true. i feel blessed everyday that i get to spend so much time with my children.