Friday, September 17, 2010

The winner is...

The winner of the Little Acorn AfterSchool Guides is:  mommystinch
Please email me at donnaashton@thewaldorfconnection for info on claiming your prize!

Thank you to all who entered! And Thanks to Eileen at Little Acorn Learning

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Acorn Learning contest!

Win a FREE Autumn After-School Guide and After-School Menu from Little Acorn Learning

For those of you with younger children or who are supplementing Waldorf  into after-school time, Eileen has created the After-School Guide & Menu. The ideas can also be used with older children as weekend activities.

After-School Guides include Book ideas, Weekend crafts, Handwork, Verses & Songs, Stories, Recipes and more!
The After-School Menu (Autumn) has recipes, ideas, & schedules for Snacks, Dinner, Dessert, Weekend breakfasts, morning & afternoon snacks, lunch, dinner, & desserts. whew!

These afterschool guides were created to help parents and caregivers of all
types create a healthy, rhythmic and peaceful home for their school aged
children.  These guides may be used with children attending traditional
schools, Waldorf schools, private schools, childcare centers or with
homeschooled children as an after-school and weekend tool to extend their
Little Acorn ‘Learning’.  The afterschool guides were born as a result of Eileen’s blog post entitled Waldorf Afterschooling which you can read here:  

You can read more about Eileen Straiton and her Little Acorn Learning offerings at Little Acorn Learning

A special thank you goes to Marianne Frost who has contributed greatly to this project.  Marianne has brought extensive experience and life to this project.  She is a mother to five children, grandmother to four and seasoned Waldorf and public charter school kindergarten teacher of 20 years. Marianne later opened her own Waldorf inspired, nature-based Playgarden in Sonoma, California.  She now lives in Chicago, IL, working as a professional nanny, bringing Waldorf inspiration into private homes while expanding her experience through writing.  Among her consulting advice and seasonal ideas, Marianne’s beautiful color stories, monthly handwork project and insightful extended learning tips are included in these guides for you to enjoy. 

It is our hope that our journey and experiences as two women on different points of very similar paths will help guide you in your most very sacred work as mothers, fathers, teachers and caregivers by humbly offering you the following guide.

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