Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music Practice

My girls play cello & violin. We have a very loose Suzuki teacher who understands Waldorf methods and she is really fantastic. I have never wanted to be one of those mom's insisting my kids practice every night and possibly ruin their love for music. But, we started having issues where they would not take out their instruments for days.

I tried to nudge a bit with, "Why don't you play a song for me?"  or "Daddy has not heard your new song." Not much luck.
By accident one week, the girls left their instruments in the Living Room, out of the cases and ready to play. I was amazed how many time they just walked over and played a few notes! Usually, they were kept packed up in the school room. Out of sight, out of mind!
The music teacher said it was a great idea and not to worry about leaving them out (ok this time of year now that it is warm to keep them in tune)
I had each girl pick a safe new home for their instruments and they have played 2 or 3 times a day ever since!


  1. Wonderful! I look forward to seeing more posts on how your kids progress on the violins. :)

  2. That's awesome, Donna. You are so right about out of sight, out of's amazing how a nice presentation invites little hands :D

  3. Hi Donna. I love this post. I was a music teacher for years and it's true that if you can find your instrument you'll play your instrument. Another thing that worked for us was the great famly sing along. We compiled a book of family favorites that's still growing today. Thanks for this inspiring post. Music is such a great thing.