Sunday, February 28, 2010

Office Upgrade

My desk/computer has been located in our homeschool room, so I can be near all the action. But, lately The Waldorf Connection has been keeping me very busy and I have needed a quiet space. My amazing DH heard my plea! Today, we made our spare bedroom into my private work space.

I was a little apprehensive about venturing into a different part of the house, where I would be a bit closed off. But when I moved my desk and rearranged furniture (something I love doing this time of year) it just felt right.

So, now I can actually *think* while writing an email and close the door if I need to make a call.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband, family and new office!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Workshop Tonight! Temperaments Part 2

Another  fabulous workshop by Kristie Burns! She talked for 75 min about the Sanguine and Choleric temperaments..She really got in-depth about ways to type each one with a long checklist of things to look for.
Did you know that a Sanguine can be overstimulated by their surroundings? and that they learn from action?  Choleric can be picky eaters due to their good sense of smell?  There were so very important points made about interacting with these children as moms/teachers.. Don't miss this!!
Kristie is offering a Buy One Get One on her curriculums and downloads for members of The Waldorf Connection! After you purchase, email her and ask for the "Donna Buy One Get One" and select your second item. You can even share with a friend to offset costs! Her websites for the discount are:,,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pin the Tail!

Our word family today was the AW family... We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

We made 4 tails each with different AW words written on them. The girls each had 2 turns, but the poor donkey's tail didn't quite get in the correct place!  I LOVE when school is FUN!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Word Families

Since we have completed all the consonants and the vowel *keys*, we started a review of word families.
I have been using the Oak Meadow 1st Grade Syllabus for some great ideas. Did you know there are 38 word families? In this guide, they recommend introducing 3 per week for 10 weeks, then 4 for 2 weeks.
There is a word family reader that come with the OM package. I read the story for a particular family, then we do the activity and write in our main lesson book.
First Grade Syllabus 
On the pages where we wrote out the word families along, I had them do a form drawing around the edge to make a border and decorate the page.

The Wise Enchanter: A Journey Through the AlphabetI am also using "The Wise Enchanter" by Shelley Davidow as an alphabet review. So far, it is a wonderful story about 4 children all around age 7. They have been chosen for their kind hearts and curious minds to help bring light and words back to the world.. **NOTE: It is a continuing story starting with A,B, if you are going in another order to introduce letters, you may have to wait until you are done before reading this book. That is what we did, as we introduced the vowels last.

My girls continue reading the Bob books as easy readers. I hope to transition over to a more Waldorf-y reader as soon as I introduce the consonant blends.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Waldorf Connection write-ups.. :)

Check this article about The Waldorf Connection at a wonderful site called Waldorf Reviews.
She regularlry reviews books, curriculum, and waldorf websites... Isn't  it amazing the resources that are popping up out there?  Love it!

" Hello all.
I’m taking a little break from this lovely stay-home day to let you all know about some great workshops that are happening at The Waldorf Connection.
All of the wonderful people whose blogs you read regularly are offering workshops here on a variety of Waldorf subjects. Just take a gander at the topics being offered...."

Here is the rest of the article...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday..Spring Celebrations with Eileen Straiton

Join Eileen and I as we talk SPRING!!!!!

Preparing Yourself and Your Home for Spring
Spring Crafts and Activities
            Creating a Spring Indoor Nature Space or Table
            Planning Your Garden and Starting Indoor Seeds
            Spring Cooking and Baking  Register-free!

Sweet Moments

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday for all us ladies in the house. Daddy has become the giver of gifts (giving mommy a break).

He gets yummy chocolate hearts and candies from a local candy shoppe right near our home. For me, nothing can compare to the amazing dark chocolate truffles! Filled with rich, amazing smooth fillings..I try not to gobble them all the first day!  *wink*


I did bake some homemade Heart-Shaped biscuits to go with our breakfast frittata.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Tomorrow..Carrie from The Parenting Passageway

The Waldorf Connection workshop:  February 16 8pm est
The First Seven Year Cycle – Come and discuss why we do what we do in the Early Years, and the practicalities of mothering and living with small children under the age of 7.

Can't wait to talk to Carrie.. and psss..*there may be a giveway at her blog so check it out!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Winter Wonderland..Beach Style!

It has been 11 years since our last snow here in Coastal SC, so you can imagine the excitement.. I have been perusing all the wonderful blogs this winter with their tranquil winter scenes. Now, I have my own outside my door, even if it is already melting away...

                            The Immense Snowman.. I thought he was a bit creepy, but hubby and girls loved him!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Balloons & Magnets

I couldn't resist posting about the educational play my twins girls were creating the other day.

They received these great big magnets with heavy clips for Christmas. They hang their pictures and artwork on our fridge with them and they are industrial strength!  For some reason, they began playing with them and noticed how they "stick together" and also "repel". A entire story was made up about the magnets going to school and some wanted to go in to class and others went away.. I was half listening, but it sounded so cute I perked up and went to watch where they couldn't see me!

Later, they began a new adventure with some balloons from a library Valentine's party.. They blew them up and let the air out, but this time they pulled the opening apart so it made that screeching noise.. Lovely.. but then they tied paper parrots (they love to draw animals, color them and cut them out and then they are their "pets") to the balloons and let them go for a ride!  Why do they always fly around and land on the ground? they asked... I just smiled and knew that some Science was going on in my house today.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Handwork tonight!

Join me as I chat with Heather Fontenot of Shivaya Naturals and Rhythm of the Home.. we are talking handwork! Tonight discussion will explore...
*The reasons behind handwork in Waldorf education
*The benefits of handwork
*Handwork and learning (how it incorporates into their education; science, storytelling, etc.)
*Building a creative foundation through handwork
*Boys and handwork
*The theraputic nature of handwork
*The ways that handwork can create sustainability

Should be an incredible show filled with great ideas....join us!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crafty Valentine Ideas

We are working on Valentine's crafts this week at The School for all of my favorite seasons is Valentine's!  I love all the pink hearts and everything looks so joyous and sweet..and I also love chocolate  :)

Here are a few things we will be crafting...
                        from Living Crafts magazine Spring 2009..Felting Heart Flowers

And from Better Homes & Gardens February issue..
The Paper Bouquet Handmade Cards:  Start with card stock, then add leaves and stems cut from green paper.Create blooming frames using paper muffin liner and a photo.

Some additional Valentine's inspiration...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cleaning house

Well, the cleaning mood doesn't strike me often (LOL) but the last few days I have had this urge to really clean and re-organize my kitchen. This rainy Saturday was just the perfect atmosphere, so I decided to tackle it.

I took everything out of the cabinets and drawers. The shop-vac came in from the garage, I sorted and scrubbed, wiped and washed... It was very therapeutic! Then, I even set the oven to clean..something I had been meaning to do since that Thanksgiving turkey..

Anyway.. when it was all sparkly and my back was sore, I looked around and smiled.
The kitchen is clean.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Waldorf Connection contest on Waldorf mama...


Here is my interview on

" additon to welcoming my new february sponsor today, i want to announce a special giveaway here on waldorfmama! this giveaway, sponsored by donna ashton of the waldorf connection, is for a full series of her brand new teleseminar workshops which are in progress right now. this series of teleseminars will conclude at the end of february and the winner will be given access to the entire set of MP3 seminar downloads. ..