Friday, January 8, 2010

Waldorf Number Qualities- Day 4

e started our number qualities/Roman numerals block this week. It has been such a joy!  I am following A Little Garden Flower's 1st grade curriculum. She has a container story that started back in the Fall with the introduction of the consonants. Now, it has progressed to finding the keys to unlock the gift of reading! There are 10 riddles (for 1-10) and each day they must solve the riddle to get the keys from Gnome King Equals.

Here is number 4.   Fire, water, earth and air
                              All these things we have to share.
The 4 elements. We talk about others things that are 4 (seasons!) and then we write the number 4 and also in Roman Numeral. They are having so much fun with this..I actually thought they might be way!
Then the get to draw in their MLB. I divided the paper into 4 sections and they could draw the elements anyway they wanted.

While they were drawing a read a verse about the 4 elements  from

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