Monday, January 18, 2010

Waldorf Math- King Equals

Introducing- King Equals!
I finished embroidering him last night. I think he is really sweet. Brooke wanted an extra long cloak for him :)

I liked the look of this king here at this wonderful Etsy shop
so I sorted modeled ours after him with supplies we had. Here is the tutorial I used to create him, though I had to adjust his cape much longer and give him that rolled collar. The other four process gnomes, I will follow the tutorial exactly, all the pieces are the correct size and it is really easy. I just viewed youtube to remind me how to do a blanket stitch.


  1. King Equals turned out great. He's looking mightly regal! I love the alterations you made. I'll be linking to you on Facebook.

  2. Thanks again for your wonderful easy! :)