Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waldorf- next stage- tooth finally lost!

For those who don't know me, I have twin girls that turned 7 in October. They do not look anything alike, and in fact have worn different size clothes since they were 6mos old. One of my girls is very petite and physically looks younger by maybe a year. Her sister lost her first tooth about 17mos ago and has since lost 5 more.

Finally, I noticed a few weeks ago her bottom teeth shifting apart and the two middle ones loosening up. Then last week, it happened!  To her great satisfaction, her first tooth came out while biting into an apple.

Now, there is more for me to say here than just about the tooth fairy and the differences in twins.
It has to do with First grade readiness.. I have been amazed at the readiness of my veteran tooth-loser verses the one who had not lost any!  We started doing consonants in Fall, but I have been taking slowly, for this reason..over the last month things have sped up and she is really "getting it"!

Check out "Rhythms of Learning"  for an excellent explanation from Rudolf Steiner about this and the Early Grades...It is an excellent reference for how to bring the curriculum to your child.

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  1. Hey congrats to your baby, Donna! I have to agree with you on the readiness thing. My two are almost identical - I think only about 1/4 of an inch in height difference, yet one has lost 5 teeth rapidly while poor Elena has not lost any. Huge difference in where they are in readiness, though. Steiner was definitely onto something there. Thanks for the book rec - would love to check it out!
    p.s. email me your address momma! I have something for you :D