Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check out my Interview on Hip Mountain Mama!

I was interviewed on Suzy's great "Hip Mountain Mama" blog! Also, we are doing 2 giveaway's for the Waldorf Connection's upcoming series!

..."The Waldorf philosophy has always intrigued me and is something we incorporate into our daily life. When I first heard about Waldorf Education I decided to do some research to learn more. I read books, read information on line, and asked friends about it. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but over time we have learned a lot about it and find it to be a very natural way of life for us.

Donna, from the Waldorf Connection, had a similar situation and decided to make the process of learning much easier for other parents. She has created FREE Tele Seminar Workshops where anyone can learn and ask questions about Waldorf Education...." read the rest HERE

Suzy has some great eco-friendly ideas and even a contest leading up to Earth Day. Check her out!

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  1. Awesome, Donna! Just left my comment. The winners will be so lucky! :D Thanks for sharing so generously and giving back. Hugs!