Monday, January 4, 2010

Waldorf Math Block

So, our next school session is beginning and on to Math! I was hesitant, really quite unsure how to go about this "Math" thing..but after listening to Barbara Dewey's talk on Waldorf Math (The Waldorf Connection) in Nov. I feel like I get it!  We are beginning Number Qualities and the stories of the math gnomes.. I am using Barbara's guide as well as, Melisa Nielsen's- "A little Garden Flower's" First Grade book/math book.

Math Gnomes here we come!  I will keep you updated.. We will be making some math gnomes to help us "see" the whole-to-parts way numbers are taught in Waldorf Education.


  1. It was so wonderful to be able to hear Barbara speak, Donna! Thank you! I agree - I'm less hesitant about teaching math now that I have heard her and I bought her Math book for the early grades, too.

    We're starting a Math block (2nd grade) on sequencing right now (also using ALGF, too) but looking ahead made me nervous. I feel pretty good about it now, though.

    So, thanks Barbara and thank you, Donna! :-)

  2. How fun, Donna! I hope you feel better and can't wait to see how your gnomes turn out :D