Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey Mommy! I'm reading!

This week we started our Introduction to Vowels block. King Equals handed the girls each 5 keys that will open the doors to learning. Monday we opened the first door with the Key marked "I"..a special light being appeared with the angelic sound "Ahhh" -A. I told the story of the Magic Spindle. (OM fairy tales book)

The girls drew A and a and we discovered several sounds for A (long & short).

Later that morning, on our nature walk I introduced some word families for the short sound A. 3 letters- Map, Car, Cat, Sat, etc.. They spelled each one correctly with no problems! I was running out of words to think of :)
Tuesday we reviewed our story, drew a picture and added the summary sentence.

At the library that afternoon, I talked to our wonderful children's librarian about "word families". She suggested the Bob Books! Of course..I have heard many Waldorf moms talk about these. She gave me two sets, one for each of my girls. They are very small books on a silver ring. Book 1 was perfect for them. Mat. Mat sat. Mat sat on Cat...

This morning, King Equals awarded the second key and the being of light emerged with "Eeeeeh" I told the story of The Golden Key. We practiced long and short sounds for E. Then I brought out the Bob Books, not knowing what to expect.... It was truly amazing to watch them figure the words out and READ! They did so well, they wanted to go on to book 2..I let them and they were smiling from ear to ear. "I'm reading!" Brooke said.. yes, my dear, you are. ;)

I am a very proud mommy today.


  1. I love the idea of the keys of learning. What a wonderful to help them get excited to learn. I like the little bob book they are really great. Another series I like is down by Innovative Kids and the author is Nora Gaydos.

  2. Oh congratulations, Donna! What a beautiful moment you will never forget :D Very creative with the keys of learning, too! I like how you tied King Equals into this lesson! Can't wait to hear more about it :D

  3. we love bob books too! they are great. :)