Friday, May 7, 2010

Preparing for Summer

Spring is coming to a quick close around here in Coastal, South Carolina. The warm days start to turn humid and reach the high 80's by May. My girls are already asking "When does the pool open?"
After a summer-like weekend, I started to prepare for our longest season- Beach Time! 
I fold up the throws that are scattered around the sofas and chairs. Beach towels are washed and our beach bag is re-packed with new sunscreen, lip balm, shell bags, a dog water bowl and miscellaneous items. Bathroom rugs are rolled up to reveal cool tile (much easier for vacuuming sand) The Pawleys Island Hammock is re-hung between our trees in the backyard. Beach chairs are taken down from the attic and dusted off.
Though the ocean waters are still a bit chilly, the sun and breeze is warm. A perfect time to enjoy the empty beach.

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  1. Donna, I love your descriptions of your routines. I can imagine you rolling up your rugs and setting the hammock up, etc. You are so organized and that so inspires me! I am getting excited for summer at the Ashton household and wish we could *pop-in* for a girls day at the beach!