Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hanging 'em on the Line to Dry!

After my talk with Hip Mountain Mama's, Suzy the other night about Eco-Friendly Kids, I was inspired to bring some small changes to our family.  For some reason, the idea of a clothesline really resonated with me. So, I picked up some wooden clothes pins and a line from the local store and hung it up!
It took a but of rigging up to be tight enough to hold my sheets!  (Can you see I have had no experience with this at all?)  Anyway..I washed the girls sheets in hot water and added Eucalyptus oil (as recommended by Jennifer Tan from her Aromatherapy talk!) and then I hung them.  It was wonderful!


  1. I love hanging our clothes on the line to dry. I can't describe what I'm feeling while hanging the clothes. Somehow I feel connected to the generations of women before me.

  2. Yes! I felt the same thing :)