Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Math Processes

We are continuing the four Math Processes this week with a cute story inspired by Oak Meadow 1st Grade Syllabus. The Gnome King has received a desperate letter from the Elf King. He needs some Gnomes to come and help his elves count out nuts for the animals for the winter. Of course, The Gnome King send his 4 favorite's Plus, Minus, Times & Divide to assist!
The girls are so much enjoying the way the Gnome's interact and they love the "jewels".

Here is a lesson we did with Plus.

Plus took 10 elves with him to gather nuts and acorns. They needed 100 nuts total. There were 10 elves.

Each elf carried 10 nuts in their wagon. I gave each of my girls 100 "nuts" to work with. It is interesting how they separated their piles so differently.

Here is another blogsite that has some Fun with Math Gnomes...

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