Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeschool- Catching Up

What do you do when your children are sick for a week? This is what I had to deal with, as my girls were diagnosed with strep throat last week.
Just when I was going to use that week to really dig in to our Math Processes. Just when I really needed to get this done before my workshops began. Sometimes, things just happen.
You can plan till the cows come home, yet life will through those curve balls to you when you least need them! Oh, you can go through your curriculum planner and see how to double-up on lessons or schedule some Saturdays or forget that big project. Or- you can just go with it.
I was worried that no school was getting done the entire week. But, looking back, much got done. When L, wasn't talking for 3 days, I decided to have her write to me. At first it was out of frustration of trying to figure out what she wanted. Then, it became a wonderful educational game! I heard Rudolf Steiner saying in my head, "Children learn to read by writing."  I gave her paper and pencil and she had so much fun trying to write out a funny sentence. The game continued when I wrote back to her and she had to figure out what I wrote. Of course, it wasn't perfect, but I could read what she wrote. She even added a bit of comedy to her sentences in attempts to make me laugh!
Violins and cello's were played. Reader books were read and re-read. Even a game of bakery store was played. My twins used real food and some they colored into cookies and sold them at their shop, which I was told, they each owned "half of". Money (colored stones) was exchanged, change made. We also attended a local yard sale where they had a few coins to spend. Deciding which item they could choose, and spending wisely is a great life lesson.
Maybe the new skills I had planned were not introduced, but this down time was a great opportunity to reinforce what had already been taught.


  1. Donna - sorry the twins were sick :( Hope you got past the strep and they are on the mend, Momma! I enjoyed hearing about how wonderfully everything unfolded for all you! We moms do tend to beat ourselves up when things don't go according to plan, but like walking, talking, and all the other early steps, learning doesn't stop - it's a constant :D Great job to your cuties - and to you!

  2. Life certainly likes to reinforce flexibility!

    What reader books are you using right now?