Monday, August 24, 2009

Violin Lesson

Yesterday was Brooke's first official violin lesson. She spent the whole last year on a sofa watching her sister learn cello. The have a wonderful teacher who uses the Suzuki method. She decided at the end of the year she wanted to play the violin, so the teacher let her hold one and play a bit, to really get the feel of it. All summer she has not wavered, even when tempted with ballet or gymnastics, she knows what she wants, my little choleric wonder.

This morning the two of them set up there music station and played a duet for us. It was most amazing and all I could picture was the two of them playing Carnegie Hall one day! Oh, a mother's dream....

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  1. What a lovely picture of the twins! It's funny b/c Charley (also my choleric) has been asking to play violin for over a year now - wonder if it's something that temperment is drawn to?!? I will have to show this to dh :) Enjoy those beautiful duets, momma!