Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Grade Planner

The past few weeks I have been scouring around for the "perfect" planner for our Waldorf First Grade. I checked the homeschool planners, teacher planners and regular calendars. None worked for me. So, being the anal chloeric that I am, decided to create my own. *wink*
It is really nothing earth shattering, but has what I need. I did something similar last year for Kindy. I just fill in the date beside the day of the week and has plenty of room for notes. The best part is that if I need to add or delete a column, I can!! If anyone wants it, I will email you the file in excel format. I can also email my Kindy one, just let me know.

I just took a small 3-ring binder and slipped in a watercolor painting for the front. Then I have it with days of the week Mon-Wed on the left and Thur-Fri-Notes on the right sheet. I use the pockets for other notes and verses.
I know it is a bit blurry, but it says Main Lesson, Circle/games,Handwork, Nakng, Music, Spanish, Social Studies, and Notes.


  1. Very nice, Donna! I made my own, as well & write detailed notes about our day/observations/moments to remember, etc on the blank back page. Donna Young has a plethora of free homeschooling pages to print and some of them have blanks where you can fill in yourself (by hand and some you can type directly on)...just an fyi:

    We have to keep attendance in CA, so I use the calendars & forms she has on there in my binder. Can't wait until you guys start! Say hi to the girls from their west coast friends!

  2. Ooo! that looks great! I also have a little girl that is just starting 1st grade. I'm a little lost because I've never homeschooled before so I'm going to be reading your blog alot! hope you don't mind :)
    take care,

    here's my homeschool blog:

  3. Hi Donna, I have been reading your blog and find it very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. I am an anal chloeric as well and have been searching for the perfect planner. I would love to try yours. I am doing Kindy and first grade. thanks for sharing this as well. I think you can see my email since I subscribed, but let me know if you can't.