Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning Meditation

I began my day early this morning (well, early for me) 6am.. as I have been doing for several weeks now. In fact, I have only missed one day. I can't wait to sneak out into the living room while it is barely light, followed only by the cat. All is still and cozy. I wrap up in a small throw, turn on my meditation music on my Ipod and have a blissful hour (or whenever the first girl gets up!)
I put many intentions out to the universe..I contemplate parenting issues, ask for help in homeschooling and ways to grow my finances. But, most of all I enjoy just.. Being... Me


  1. This sounds so nice. I truly love meditating. I also love sleeping haven't attempted the early morning meditation practice yet. But, you have inspired me!

  2. How nice for you. I'm convinced that if I started getting up at 6 in the morning my oldest daughter would wake up moments after. Maybe I should try 5am...

  3. Renee,

    I know exactly what you mean! I have an early rise..I must tiptoe quietly.. LOL