Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is Science

The creek at the end of our street (where I previously posted about our boat sailing) has now become the main attraction when we take our nature walk each morning. My girls run ahead so they can steal a few extra moments of playful bliss. Last week's discovery was tadpoles!
Out came the old fish bowls and they were hard at work with a butterfly net (!) and the tadpoles didn't have a chance. About 45 muddy minutes later, 8 were in the bowls and swimming in their murky new home.
I now know all about the eating habits of tadpoles. They will eat algae and other plants until their back legs come in. Then they turn into carnivores.. for now they are eating fish food and newly added creek water daily.

Isn't it amazing how life becomes our school if we just take the time to notice it?


  1. Oh how fun, Donna! I used to love raising tadpoles when I was a kid - have fun and would love to see the pictures as they develop :D

  2. Your children must have so loved catching those tadpoles. It's such fun watching them grow and then changing into little froglets!