Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtime Celebrations!

We celebrate Spring each year planting Wheat Grass. My girls and I love it! We plant, cover and spritz the seeds each day until a tiny shoot pops up. It doesn't take long and is so fun to watch. By Easter, the grass is long and full and what says Spring more than vibrant Easter grass with a few eggs tucked in it?

Here is some we did from last year
It felt invigorating to feel that soil and seeds and plant new life!

We also updated our Spring Nature table. I am so excited to show you the lovely needle-felted Spring Maiden that I received from my friend, Jen at Ancient Hearth. She has just opened her virtual doors at her Etsy shop. Take a peek!  Her work is amazing...

You can find all her hand-made creations at her Etsy Store...


  1. Hey Donna! Thank you so much for featuring the Spring Maiden and the chickies. They look so happy in their home:D You're a doll...

    I LOVE your wheat grass plantings and neat idea to put them in baskets this year! We just did our Lenten dish garden today, but I might have to plant some wheat grass in a basket after seeing that! Do you clip it to use in their Easter baskets then?

    Happy Spring, Momma!


  2. I really like the idea of planting wheat grass, and we did not get to in time once again this year. Instead, we will use our hand dyed wool again for our Easter baskets. Thank you for sharing the beautiful creations from Ancient Hearth - wow!
    Warm wishes and joy, Tonya