Friday, February 19, 2010

Word Families

Since we have completed all the consonants and the vowel *keys*, we started a review of word families.
I have been using the Oak Meadow 1st Grade Syllabus for some great ideas. Did you know there are 38 word families? In this guide, they recommend introducing 3 per week for 10 weeks, then 4 for 2 weeks.
There is a word family reader that come with the OM package. I read the story for a particular family, then we do the activity and write in our main lesson book.
First Grade Syllabus 
On the pages where we wrote out the word families along, I had them do a form drawing around the edge to make a border and decorate the page.

The Wise Enchanter: A Journey Through the AlphabetI am also using "The Wise Enchanter" by Shelley Davidow as an alphabet review. So far, it is a wonderful story about 4 children all around age 7. They have been chosen for their kind hearts and curious minds to help bring light and words back to the world.. **NOTE: It is a continuing story starting with A,B, if you are going in another order to introduce letters, you may have to wait until you are done before reading this book. That is what we did, as we introduced the vowels last.

My girls continue reading the Bob books as easy readers. I hope to transition over to a more Waldorf-y reader as soon as I introduce the consonant blends.

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  1. Hey Donna, thanks for sharing this! We're wrapping up our nature studies block this week and will hit the vowels next week. We have the Wise Enchanter book, too, and will read it at the end of our vowels block, as well, since we did a different consonant order! Your MLB drawings are adorable and look at you with your organization skills, having your daughters names punched out for their crayon tin! LOL! Thanks for sharing this!!!!