Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Workshop Tonight! Temperaments Part 2

Another  fabulous workshop by Kristie Burns! She talked for 75 min about the Sanguine and Choleric temperaments..She really got in-depth about ways to type each one with a long checklist of things to look for.
Did you know that a Sanguine can be overstimulated by their surroundings? and that they learn from action?  Choleric can be picky eaters due to their good sense of smell?  There were so very important points made about interacting with these children as moms/teachers.. Don't miss this!!
Kristie is offering a Buy One Get One on her curriculums and downloads for members of The Waldorf Connection! After you purchase, email her and ask for the "Donna Buy One Get One" and select your second item. You can even share with a friend to offset costs! Her websites for the discount are:,,


  1. Hi, from New Zealand, I am doing a wet on wet painting course at the moment, learning more about the elements in relationship to the temperaments, I am enjoying it, cheers Marie

  2. Great! Love to hear from far away.. :)