Friday, February 12, 2010

Balloons & Magnets

I couldn't resist posting about the educational play my twins girls were creating the other day.

They received these great big magnets with heavy clips for Christmas. They hang their pictures and artwork on our fridge with them and they are industrial strength!  For some reason, they began playing with them and noticed how they "stick together" and also "repel". A entire story was made up about the magnets going to school and some wanted to go in to class and others went away.. I was half listening, but it sounded so cute I perked up and went to watch where they couldn't see me!

Later, they began a new adventure with some balloons from a library Valentine's party.. They blew them up and let the air out, but this time they pulled the opening apart so it made that screeching noise.. Lovely.. but then they tied paper parrots (they love to draw animals, color them and cut them out and then they are their "pets") to the balloons and let them go for a ride!  Why do they always fly around and land on the ground? they asked... I just smiled and knew that some Science was going on in my house today.


  1. Natural curiosity and learning at it's best :)

  2. Hilarious! Your kids are so creative, Donna! I love it! Thanks for sharing and I'll have to tell my girls about that idea of making parrots to attach to their flying balloons -that's right up their alley! Hee hee!