Saturday, September 19, 2009

Festival File Folder

Here is a great tip now that the season of Waldorf Festivals is beginning. A few years ago, I went online and printed out songs, verses, recipes, etc. for each festival. I started a Festivals folder. So, now I just start at the beginning for Michaelmas and put it at the back when finished, then my next one is ready to go. I already have most of what I need, no need to re-print and it is all organized in one place!

Anyone else have Festival organizing tips? I would love to hear


  1. Well, no, no tips at the moment. I am in luck for now as we have a favorite apple orchard circle that we will do this week to celebrate autumn, and also a Michaelmas one from last year, with a favorite favorite song, that we will do the next week. I don't always do a circle for one week only, except when they are ones we have done for years now, like these two.
    You sure have been busy these days. Wonderful work! We are not even starting school until this week, and for some reason so far I am not feeling motivated to blog about it. I think that will change once we get started though.
    Do you have raisins yet? My girls did that this summer, without telling me about it, I just found the raisins on the back deck :)

  2. I really like this idea, Im going to have create a folder this year! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Donna! I actually keep mine in a binder, each separated by months and place any festival ideas in there - recipes, crafts, poems and verses, etc. I also have books that I like to read to the girls during those times listed in each monthly section and a section for library books to order to read so I can order them in advance so they are ready for us :) Happy Autumn!

  4. Great idea Donna! I'll probably use a binder like Jen suggested. since I'm new to homeschooling and waldorf, it's wonderful to get good tips like this :)