Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Felt Playmat

After receiving the Fall issueof Living Crafts magazine, I wanted to make this beautiful playmat.
I was inspired after another mom made one, so here it is! It has taken awhile, but the girls love it! They are hiding their animals in the cave already.

We wet felted the base part.

Then I needle felted it to make it stronger and added the cave

Next came some trees... quite a challenge as I broke a needle on the pipe cleaner.

Making the boulders and rocks for the waterfall/pond was easy and fun!

I added the waterfall and some plants around the rocks.

Then I added the large gnarly tree and garden. The big tree took some doing. I think I may use as a seasonal tree and add different color leaves or bare in the winter. Whew!


  1. This is phenomenal! You all did such a nice job. Wow. The trees are really beautiful. :)

  2. It's beautiful! Well done to you all!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!!! This is something we are planning on doing. I have been putting it off because my chloeric temperament has this grandiose idea in my head, but you have shown how great it can be a little simpler.
    Thanks again!!