Friday, July 24, 2009

New Sandbox

Hooray! We started this playground update project last summer and now finished the last part
The Sandbox! The girls have had a great time digging, piling and burying..They have a beach right in the backyard now..


  1. Hi I can not tell from your picture, do you have a cover for your sand box? Do you have to be concerned with cats? We live on a farm and have several cats. I have a box basically built under our playset, but can not figure out the best and easiest way to cover it.

  2. Not really a cover, it is part of the playset that is the "fort", so it like a roof. So far, no cats, but we have a fenced yard and our cat stays inside. If we needed to cover, I guess maybe a tarp of some kind just to thow on and off. Good luck!