Sunday, July 19, 2009

Making Knitting Needles

I knew the girls would be learning to knit with two needles this year (1st grade) I was going to buy some, but I saw a pattern to make them! It was really easy and fun. This will take the better part of a morning to do so allow time or do in stages.

I got a 3/4" dowel and some dowel caps (have holes to fit dowel) You may go s bit smaller. We measured and sawed off how long we wanted them to be..I just eyed up and made them about 7" before the caps.

Then the fun began! What to paint on the caps?! Everyone designed their own unique ones and we made a few extra pair for gifts.

While the paint was drying, the sanding started. Even with very coarse sandpaper it did take a bit to get them going. Brooke found out if you laid the paper down and held the dowel and "scrubbed" it , it worked! Once the first one was done, they tired a bit, so I cheated and brought out the sander. I held it while they twisted their dowels into needles. After, they used fine sandpaper to smooth it all out.

The other end of the dowel had to be lightly sanded to fit the cap. Then we glued the caps on and let them dry.

Later, I sprayed the painted tops with glossy lacquer to protect and make them shiny. I also found some wood wax I use on my table and rubbed on the needles to make a beautiful color and finish! I think they came out great!
We may have to sand them pointier when its time to knit...


  1. They look great! I love the colourful beads.

  2. Hi Donna! They turned out fabulous :) we'll have to follow your lead and make some for 1st grade, as well. I'm excited to go through your blog and your girls are beautiful! So fun to have another twin mommy with same aged girls to take this journey with. When the girls get into writing more, let's set them up as pen pals! Good to chat with you today :)

  3. Wow! These are beautiful. What a wonderful project. I saw your blog in the transcript of the earthschooling chat. I'm going to follow your blog now. :) --Jennifer

  4. Thanks to all for comments on the knitting needles! We are all proud of them and had a lot of fun making them. Hope they inspire some good projects this year.