Monday, June 21, 2010

Waldorf- Celebrating Summer Solstice

Summer Sunset- from Circle Round

Summer sun, summer sun we watch as you set
Sending your long arms of light from the west
Summer sun, summer sun you shine so bright
As you begin your return to the night

Celebrating the Summer Solstice is always bittersweet for me. I know the summer has just begun, yet I know it is the beginning of the end. It helps us remember not to get so attached to the way things are, as everything changes.
We always save the top of our Christmas tree to burn in our Summer Solstice bonfire. We planted sunflowers, and did our circle dance around the fire (well, close to the fire anyway- it was about 90 degrees outside)
Then, we offered our gifts to the fairies, who always leave little trinkets..
We came back in and had a yummy summer treat- ice cream followed by a story, To Be Like the Sun about sunflowers.


  1. Happy summer solstice! What a wonderful way to teach your young ones about the first day of summer. I love the part about leaving your gifts to the fairies. We planted a flower patch just for those little fairies, sprites and gnomes. My children are very imaginative and so am I. Be blessed, Rose

  2. What a marvelous celebration, Donna! I love how you save the top of your xmas tree to burn at Summer Solstice! How perfect, esp since the two are 6 mo apart :D I really enjoyed this post and to see you in there, too, is fun!!! Hugs and what a great job you're doing as a momma, homeschooler, and friend!