Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice

We began our day by making paper suns- one side black for the darkness, one side yellow for the sun. Tonight we put the dark side out and in the morning we will change it to the sun!

Then we baked spiral cookies..yum.. Here is the recipe, with step-by-step instructions. Tonight we have a few families coming over to do our winter spiral in the backyard, followed by a potluck and fun!

It is such a magical time when we walk the spiral. I have come to really enjoy this as a holiday favorite. It feels so real and earthy and so far removed from the jangly Christmas that seems to be going on around me.

Here is a verse I read before we started our walk into the light. I apologize that I handwrote it from some source I do not know. If anyone knows, please comment, so I can give credit. Thanks!

Deep mid-winter drawing near
Darkness in our garden here
One small flame yet bravely burns
To show a path which ever turns
Earth, please bear with us as we go
Seeking light to send aglow
Branches green and moss and fern
Mark our path to trace each turn
We walk with candle toward the light
While Earth awaits with hope so bright
In the light which finds new birth
Love may spread over the Earth
Deep mid-winter drawing near
May light arise in our garden here


  1. How beautiful, Donna! Have a wonderful time tonight :D

  2. Beautiful spiral path and verse! The paper suns are a wonderful idea.