Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mid-School Year Clean -up

O.k. So this is the time where I check my lesson plan and see what is next. Do I need to make modifications? Spend more time on something we didn't complete? Review? 
It is a good half-way point and a natural "goal-setting" time for me. I reflect on the past year and put out my intentions for 2010.
I also give my homeschool room/office a good de-cluttering and cleaning!  We did so many handmade gifts it looked like a craft store had exploded in here! LOL  And my desk was covered in "stuff". This is my time to shred, label, (yes, I have one of those cute p-touch label makers..I know.. Type-A me!) file and organize and then when it is all clean- I lay my new calender on my clean surface all ready to go.
Feels good.

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