Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Weeks of Fables

Our fables are going well. I chose to do wolf & dog fables first, as my twin girls are really into wolves at the moment. We did The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf (the boy who cried wolf). This was important as one of them is going through this phase right now.
During writing our sentences, I highlighted the nouns in "orange" but without explanation, as recommended by Eric Fairman in his Grade 3 Path of Discovery.
Then we did The Wolf and The House Dog. I decided to mix things up a bit and create a moving picture in our main lesson books.  See the picture, it was so easy and the girls loved it!  They re-created the story several times while "acting it out"

I also introduced punctuation, as Lily is reading so well, she needed to have this so her reading out loud would be easier. I created a fun punctuation game!  First, I wrote a sentence on the blackboard 4 times.

I am hungry.
I am hungry!
I am hungry?
I am hungry, thirsty, and tired.

I explained each ending punctuation and comma. Then they had to walk across the room and when I siad the punctuation, they had to act it out.  Example- they walked while I said "I am hungry" period. (stop) then they had to stop.

When I used the exclamation mark they jumped!  Question mark was a shoulder shrug and holding arms up like "I don't know"  and a comma meant a -pause- and then continue walking.. What fun! And it really was exciting to bring movement into the lesson. They got it!

We also made these orange bird feeders from Rhythm of the Home summer edition. The girls hng them in their nature house (a thicket of bushes they play in)


  1. What a lovely blog you have. I love the gentle ways of teaching, but full. I am reading about Waldrof and so far have been inspired. I have a 2nd grader and 3 yr old twins- all boys. We also live in a small coastal town. I am a fan and now a follower. Many blessings.

  2. Great post, Donna! How funny that you are doing moveable pictures - we are working on doing one for each fable, as well! I'll have to link to your blog when I do my post on it eventually :) And I LOVE your idea of incorporating punctuation - very cool! Hope you're having a good trip and let's touch base! I should email you.


  3. I love the punctuation game. I teach college students, and I think they could use this!!! Wonderful idea. I'm sure your children loved it.