Thursday, January 15, 2009

January brings the snow

But hark!the roots begin to grow

This is from the monthly verses from the poem "The Crowning of the Year" by Juliet Compton-Burnett. I have tried to find a link to this poem, but can find nothing about it on Google. So, I will re-type it here. We use each verse during its month and recite during circle time. It is wonderful way for Lily and Brooke to learn the months and they love it!

The months weave a garland to crown the year,
Its jewels are the leaves and the flower
The golden sun and twinkling stars
The wind and the snow and the showers
Colour and beauty from far and near
Weaving a garland to crown the year

January brings the snow
But hark, the root begin to grow

February brings flowers of light
Petals three of snowdrops white

March's blossoms- purple, gold
Six petals to the sun unfold

April's here, gold trumpets sound
And star of white bedeck the ground

May is the month of pink and white
Apple, may, and Parsley light

June brings flowers of rainbow hue
Crimson, gold and heavenly blue

Flowers gay we still may see
Though dark the green on July's tree

Yellow turn the field of grain
In August sun and August rain

September's fruit grow good to see
On pear and plum and apple tree

October's leaves come fluttering down
In shades of gold and red and brown

November's gift is rich and rare
The beauty of the branches bare

December's joy in each heart glows
For then was born a Christmas rose

Colour and beauty from far and near
Weaving a garland to crown the year.

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